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Iphone X Vs iPhone 8 And 8 Plus Which Should You Buy?

Apple introduced new iPhone series iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) on September 12th 2017. For anyone who is thinking about upgrading your iPhone, you are likely to be wondering which iPhone model will suit you best. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus is a total redesign with an edge-to-edge display…
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How to Find the Right Data Recovery Service?

It’s sure to happen someday. Maybe you’ll notice that your photo files are obviously corrupted, maybe you’ll get the dreaded ‘click of death,’ or maybe your hard drive will be the casualty of a fire, flood, or other disaster. But none of these necessarily mean all is lost. An entire industry of professionals exists to…
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Google Is Apparently Ready To Buy HTC

In recent times, HTC has struggled to succeed in the numbers it must make it a lovely enterprise. In brief, different producers paved the way and the Taiwanese firm is more and more removed from the highest.

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6 Apps to Improve Your Android Phone’s Performance

You might be pretty impressed with the performance of your Android phone. It runs a lot of apps and games. But your phone might become unstable or run down its battery faster than it needs to if you don’t maintain it.

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How to stop automatic updates in Windows 10- UPDATED

Windows 10 automatically download and install updates. There is no power over the automatically downloading of Updates and Installation of updates in Windows 10. You can defer upgrades in Windows 10 but it will not always work on all versions of Windows 10. If you are using the Windows 10 PRO version or  higher version than…
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