Windows VPS Hosting Features – For Performance Driven Hosting


If you are using a Windows computer, then in all likelihood you would prefer Windows virtual server VPS.

Other functions include:

  • Each VPS can be rebooted of your own accord, has its own root access, exclusive IP address, memory, processes and applications.
  • If you desire to host unlimited domains, you are provided with complete control of your environment to run your own applications.

Windows VPS is best suited to individuals and entrepreneurs desiring better control over their server.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are able to offer top grade commercial services by subscribing to well-thought out Windows VPS server packages.

But why choose VPS when dedicated servers apparently are lot better?

A response to this query can be given in one convincing way.

Virtualization helps in agglomerating the resources together to accommodate traffic spike in one virtual server.

As one IT manager put it, “With dedicated server, we generally put only about 40-50% of the available resources to good use”.

Deploying additional websites or applications is routine for businesses. But to accommodate this extra workload, deploying additional server involves numerous tasks such as service install, completion of optimized requirements prior to actual deployment.

Moreover, virtualized infrastructure helps in quickening disaster recovery process. Full server images can be backed up in a virtualized system thereby helping in restoring complete functioning of the server if such a need arises.

Typically you will need Windows web hosting if your website requires the following features.

  • MS access
  • MS SQL

A leading hosting vendor will offer the following Windows VPS Hosting features.

1. Industry standard 99-99% uptime

The hosting service will closely monitor the uptime and performance of their VPS nodes. This aspect will be mentioned in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

2. Fail proof storage

Good storage arrays will automatically failover to spares available in case a disk fails.

3. Admin capabilities

The hosting service will offer solutions enabling you to inclusively administer your Windows VPS. Feedbacks will provide in-depth analytics about clients VPS.

4. Solid State Hard (SSD) Drives

If the vendor is offering SSD hosting it may not be significantly more than the price of HDD hosting. So it can be a good idea to choose SSD support. SSDs are essentially flash memory chips offering a greater level of efficiency.

5. A robust port

Each Windows VPS will have a vigorous port so that the client can rapidly upload and retrieve data.

6. Round the clock support

Technical support will be made available 24 x 7 x 365 with low resolution time for queries.

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