iPhone 9 Release Date ,Price And Specifications

iphone 9
iphone 9

Its quite certain that iPhone 8 will begin the revolutions, and iPhone 9 could make it more successful in 2018. The engineers of both Samsung and Apple are working very hard to overcome each other’s with innovative technology. Apple will introduce few new features on iPhone 8 and Samsung in Galaxy S8 edge. Both these two phones may launch in 2017, but we are talking about late 2018. Here, we shall predict the iPhone 9 release date, specifications, price and everything. By the way, this is not an Apple or iPhone 9 official blog, so everything you are reading here are only predictions based on different rumors. IPHONE 9 SPECIFICATIONS Its very difficult to know what Apple is actually thinking about iPhone 9, or perhaps didn’t think anything yet. According the rumors, iPhone 8 will come with glass body, with new Apple’s processor, more RAM size, and brighter display. So in 2018, we are expecting more better and innovative design, powerful processor and best display available in the markets.

IPHONE 9 DESIGN If we believe the rumors then iPhone 8 will be a curved iPhone with flexible glass design. So we are expecting similar or more innovative like Chameleon design on iPhone 9. IPHONE 9 DISPLAY Apple iPhone 9 may come with 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch two models. We may see OLED display at 4K resolutions with 6th generation gorilla glass or Sapphire glass which is unbreakable. IPHONE 9 PROCESSOR, RAM The more RAM you put on the faster your phone will be, that’s basic theory most other brands applied but not Apple. They are quite happy to use 3GB or 4GB RAM for high-end multitasking and gaming. But in iPhone 9, we may see 5 or 6GB RAM along with Apple A12 or A13 Processor. As Apple introduces new iOS with iPhone every year, so iPhone 9 may run on iOS 12 operating system. IPHONE 9 CAMERA We are expecting 20-megapixel rear auto-focus camera along with 8-megapixel for taking selfie. Moreover, there’s should be new and innovative camera features. IPHONE 9 MEMORY Apple iPhone doesn’t support microSD card, so internal memory need to be higher. So we can expect iPhone 9 with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB internal memory. IPHONE 9 BATTERY As we are talking about 2018, so old technology will must replace by new ones. So Apple may bring new types of battery like higher capacity with lower charging time. Also iPhone 9 may come with wireless battery charging. SENSORS Apple is already planning to introduce Retina Eye Scanner on their iPhone 8, so it must be quite certain feature for iPhone 9. NEW GENERATION IPHONE 9 When it comes to rivalry, Samsung is finally giving some fight with their flagship device. So Apple must remember that they will surely want to take the upper hand over their rivals. So in 2018, Apple may come with few mad features like following- Chameleon design Folding or curved OLED screens graphene, supercapacitor batteries motion and solar charging Face-detection and iris-recognition 6G technology 8GB RAM APPLE IPHONE 9 RELEASE DATE You may have to wait until September 2018 for future generation phone iPhone 9. According to the iPhone releasing trends, iPhone 8 will come in September or October 2017 and later iPhone 9 in 2018. iPhone 7 Release Date- Quarter 4, 2016 iPhone 8 Release Date- Quarter 4, 2017 (Expected) iPhone 9 Release Date- Quarter 3 or 4, 2018 (Expected) IPHONE 9 PRICE The Apple iPhone 9 price will be little higher than regular iPhone. Check out the expected price list of upcoming iPhone 9 in all countries. iPhone 9 Price in USA- $1500 Approx. iPhone 9 Price in United Kingdom- 1100 Pound. Approx. iPhone 9 Price in India- 90,000 Inr. Approx. iPhone 9 Price in Canada- 1965 CAD Approx. iPhone 9 Price in Australia- 1965 AUD Approx. iPhone 9 Price in China- 10320 Yuan Approx. So keep checking our website for more updates on iPhone 9 and to know new iPhone release date. Don’t forget to share the post for your friends and colleges.


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