How to Find the Right Data Recovery Service?

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How to Find the Right Data Recovery Service?

09/09/2017 COMPUTER 0

It’s sure to happen someday. Maybe you’ll notice that your photo files are obviously corrupted, maybe you’ll get the dreaded ‘click of death,’ or maybe your hard drive will be the casualty of a fire, flood, or other disaster. But none of these necessarily mean all is lost. An entire industry of professionals exists to help you rescue the data you need to preserve for your business and personal life – you need what’s known as a data recovery service.

Once you’ve discovered that your data has taken a temporary vacation and taken some of your data with it, you know that you need to get a professional to help. Maybe you need more than just the services of a hard drive technician – maybe you need a data recovery service that can help you with a wide variety of data types. Since we carry around such a mess of phones, portable disk drives, and mp3 players, most data recovery services are set up to handle data drawn from those sorts of sources. Many are set up to deal with even more obscure sources: maybe you have some old Jaz or Zip drives sitting around – remember those? Be sure to find a service that has the technology to access the information you’re trying to rescue.

Choosing a data recovery service is obviously important. You want to choose a company with a proven track record – a good way to assess this is through testimonials and word of mouth. A lot of companies put celebrity endorsements front and center, and these hold some weight – a lot of celebrities, after all, are in the entertainment industry, where they’re dealing with large amounts of data that are crucial to multimillion dollar projects. If Steven Spielberg (or more likely, M. Night Shamalan) endorses a service, they’re that much more likely to do a good job for you. But just as important is finding a service that the average guy next door is happy with. Look in forums or ask friends to help you find a data recovery service that they’ve had good luck with.

Finally, it’s important to pick a service with the right overall level of facilities. Depending on the severity of your problem, techs may need to disassemble your hard drive, and for that they’ll need a clean room. Clean rooms come in a range of designations based on the level of airborne particles that they let in. If you think your project is likely to require major surgery, pay close attention to the designations of the clean rooms offered by your data recovery service.


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