How to Control Multiple Android Devices From PC


There are many reasons why people control multiple Android devices from PC. For example, if you have a video tutorial involving two Android devices, it’s better to mirror it on your screen than record it using camera. Aside from it’s more pleasing to the viewers; you can capture the process steadily and clearly. Another one is when you need to test the compatibility of your new app on different devices. Of course, it’s better to display both your screen and make your comparison with your computer. Fortunately, developers found a way to attend to this need. And few mirroring applications already adopted the function of controlling multiple devices. To know what these apps are, check below.


The recent update of the renowned mirroring application, ApowerMirror, allows the control of multiple Android devices from PC. This stand-alone software is capable of streaming mobile contents to your Windows or Mac. This works on Android running 5.0 version and above. It also has an iOS version which is very useful in many ways. With the help of this, you can easily display your Android devices on a wider screen. You can play games, watch movies, send text messages, and browse internet on two Android simultaneously. To utilize this app, proceed to the steps listed here.

  1. Install ApowerMirror. On your computer, search for ApowerMirror on any browser and download the app from the official website. Meanwhile, search for ApowerMirror on Google Play Store and install it on your mobile devices.
  2. Enable USB debugging on Android devices. To ensure successful connection, turn on USB debugging on your smart phones. Simply go to Settings > About Phone. From there, click on Build number seven time. Go out to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging.
  3. Connect Android devices to PC.
  • USB cable. Simply connect your Android devices to your PC using USB cable. Once your phones are detected by the app, select your device name and hit Start Now on your mobile phones.
  • Wireless connection. Launch ApowerMirror on your phone and then tap on Mirror button. If you can’t control your devices, connect them using USB cable to activate the function.

Once you’re done with these steps, your devices will then be mirrored on your PC. The app also offers screen recorder which can come on handy when you want to record your game play. There’s also a button where you can take screenshot within the app.

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Another recommendable app is Vysor. This Google Chrome Extension allows Android users to remotely control their smartphones on their computer screen. It is efficient when you want to work on multiple devices on Mac, Windows, and Linux computer. It is compatible on Android with 4.1 version and up. For this to work, read the guide.

  1. Get Vysor. On your Android, download Vysor from the Google Play Store and install it.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your device and connect your Android using USB cable.
  3. Run Vysor on Google Chrome and then select Share All Devices.
  4. Press Find Devices and then click on the devices you want to control.



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